FM: MICROBUSTS and sustainability in 3D printing

by Andy

Hello everyone!

Andy here :)

Many of us have 3D printers for hobby stuff nowadays and sometimes we struggle with failed prints - ok, maybe it’s just me but I want to share my thoughts anyway :)

I hadn’t printed for a while, and after reactivating the machine the printer produced some failed prints. I was printing awesome cyberpunk miniatures by unit9 but due to short exposure time on the resin printer the adhesion of layers was bad, so the torso was partly separated from the legs or some fine details were not printed. After adjusting, everything went well again but I had those bad prints laying around.

In the beginning, I was a bit upset by all that wasted resin and the time for cleaning - but then an idea hit me… 

How about not throwing away the broken stuff, but instead converting them into what I call MICROBUSTS

After some sanding, finding suitable 1cm cubes and small rods for micro plinth everything was prepared. 

Best thing for me about the microbusts is the possibility to paint each in 1-2 hours or a single evening session. It’s just a joy to have a fast project between bigger ones… and they look cool, too :)

I apologize in advance for the crappy pictures - fast projects, fast pictures!

Let’s have a look at the results:

Another topic in 3D printing is the waste produced by supports. Use them in a creative way instead of throwing them away. The base below is made completely out of supports from resin and FDM printers. Only some wires, plastic putty and potting soil added and of course the cool figures - which are not printed - from Hasslefree.

These days, sustainability and environmental protection are big topics in our lives. Everyone can help protecting our nature - why not starting at the hobby desk. Every little bit helps :)

Have a great day everyone and let me know your opinions in the comments below.



P.s.: you can see the MICROBUSTS at the WME - hope to see you there!


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