Review: Private Coaching with Ryan

by Roman aka jar

Review: Private Coaching with Ryan

Aloa dear jungle,
time for another private coaching review :)

2018 really seems to be the year of teaching.
So many students pass through my hometown and enjoy my several offers of coachings and seminars. I am happy to say that I am proud to see my miniature painting curriculum take hold with many and that lots of you step up your painting game due my inspiration and teachings.
Thank you for your support!

saying gratitude to all the painters travelling to Augsburg is one thing.
Another thing is when your student arrives from Singapur to this small bavarian town.

Ryan travelled for the first time in his life to Germany for a four day private coaching session with me. And he had tons of questions with him. Before going deeper in the review of the coaching I want to say thank you, Ryan.

Ryan is arrived as a pure painter for gaming and wanted to know more about the magic of happy painting and the knowledge of painting. Most of his questions were answered with this ...

... and that ...

And this ...

After plenty of theory and in depth color theory we were ready to tackle our topics on figures. Of course they had to be primed ...

Ryan making the ppfft! ppfftt!

Like I said we tackled several different topics during this week. From understanding how to paint skintone  and faces too much more!

We need to prime some more! - Right?

So we did ...

How to paint black, metallics, proper use of washes and other painting techniques and an overall good approach on how to tackle a figure!

We tackled how to paint white and black and how to understand basic principles of object source light ...

We answered the question on how you can paint great energy weapons easily ...

... to a basic knowledge of non metallicc metal ...

... to even more energy!!!

... with a small signature that is going back to Singapure.

... back to painting skin, face and eyes again ...

I know that Ryan's brain was overloaded with new input and knowledge and he did put it to the test and gave every topic a go with individual hands on coaching by me. It was splendid seeing Ryan so fascinated by learning so many new things. Of course we did proper breaks, but what I enjoyed most as a teacher was seeing his progress and talent when introduced properly to new things.

I also want to thank Ryan for the good chats about life in Bavaria, life in Singapur and life in general. Thank you, Ryan for such wonderful talks :)

Ryan even had his first traditional bavarian "Weißwurst" (white sausage) with beer. Another experience that had to be made while here.

Keep on happy painting, Ryan!

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