MV Most Creative Award - NOVA OPEN 2018

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

it is about time. Soon MV covers up on the review of the NOVA Open 2018 in Washington D.C.
There will be several reviews on the show, capital palette and more aspects, but we will start with something that is very common in the meantime on events where MV is present:

MV Most Creative Award - NOVA OPEN 2018

This year it was awarded to Melissa Powell for her beautiful emotional bust entry ...

The award itself was an Illustration done by me, called "Vikong":

Congratulations again to Melissa for a very emotional piece that did stand out! Well deserved!

Stay tuned for more coming in about the NOVA Open 2018
in the next couple of weeks! Here is a small preview on the upcoming reviews - photo credit goes to the official photographer team of the NOVA OPEN 2018:

More soon!
Stay tuned!


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