MV Seminar News 2019

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

many people are asking me at the moment about seminar dates in 2019
via mails, messages here and there. I can not answer them all,
this is why I inform you here.

Thank you all for your messages,
they are recieved with thanks! It is beautiful to see so many painters interested
in my hands on teaching curriculum.

Of course,
I got news for you.

Right now I am working on the roadmap for 2019.
There are still some classes and workshops incoming in the end of 2018,
 check the roadmap of 2018.
Not many spots left, but write an email to me and we shall find a solution,
if you still want to join up.

This year was a big change for me :)
As many of you know I decided to stop travelling for all my painting classes to recover from a "travel burnout". Augsburg, my hometown provided a great base for it so far and I want to thank every single person who travelled from close and far to learn from me. Really, I do not find proper words of gratitude.

Teaching many students this year so far without travelling showed me one thing this year: I am a better teacher, if I am not stressed out from travelling and carrying stuff like a mule. It was amazing to see a lot of new faces in my courses and amazing to follow the developement of long time students. This really made me proud and happy.

So far, in 2018 my focus was on teaching.
I did not paint much for myself. I still will finish one or two projects until the end of the year, but it was also healthy for my creative winds to rest after some two or three years of intense creative output.

I really like the studio to teach smaller groups and one and one coachings as everything is at hand and we got some great atmosphere there. I really enjoy teaching larger groups in the school I used to learn how to become a teacher. Such a great place. I really do have wonderful memories on teaching this year. Thanks to all of you, who participated.


Good and bad news.

  • Bad news first:
    I will not travel much as many things are ahead of me as a self.employed. For example, the MV studio will see some personal changes and also will move to another place around May. Lots to organise and muscle power. I will only teach private coachings until the end of February. I am already planning these.
  • Good News now:
    I will announce seminar information for the first half year of 2019 at the end of 2018. As it looks from organisationl aspects in the middle of december. Stay tuned for the new roadmap.

    I will also start travelling again for teaching
    Slowly. I will not travel randomly to many locations like I did in the past as this was just too exhausting on the long run. My plan is to decide for a certain month or two in the year and make a small seminar tour, for example a tour in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, maybe even the US, but I am happy with teaching there at the NOVA Open only and exclusive this far. This is the plan. Many thanks to all of you who are still asking me to come and teach and thanks for your patience. With age I learned that I have to put my own health first, to provide my happy painting teaching service from the heart to others. I think it is a good decision and I am looking forward to the next years.

    Augsburg will see different teachers
    With Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee incoming today to teach one of his classes in my hometown it is a good day to tell you that it was recieved with high interest. My plan is to bring different teachers to my hometown and I am already speaking to some, not only in painting, but also sculpting. Stay tuned, this will also be announced here in the jungle :)

So far from the heart of the jungle,
there will be more news soon!

I am looking forward to see you on the seminar road in 2019!

Keep on happy painting!


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