Review: Private Coaching with Dominik

by Massive Voodoo


 Hey Jungle Painters,

once again we had a two day private coaching in our MV Headquarter in Augsburg.
This time Dominik visited us for his private session. We want to thank him for some cool days and the great time we spent.

From now on we let Dominik tell you his impression of the coaching
- we hope you enjoy his review!


My impressions of the private coaching with Roman & Raffa,
as I got a private coaching voucher as a birthday gift and a date was found, I started my trip to Augsburg at the end of April.

When arriving at the Kulturpark West I was cheerfully welcomed by Roman and Raffa!

After the first coffee (there were many on this day!) we talked about the procedure and plans for the coaching.

My focus were the following subjects:

- Airbrushing
- Light and Shadow
- Skin color variation
- Creating dynamics and atmosphere on a miniature

I did not have a certain miniature in my mind and my focus was to concentrate on my goals.
The decision which miniature to paint was hard, but in the end it was the Ogre sculpted by Roman.
After a short preparation (there were almost no mold lines) we were ready to prime!

Then we did some planning for the process and chose the colors for the bust. I had a Caucasian variant in my mind, but without the coaching I think it would have ended up as an native American ogre. In no time we applied the base color using the airbrush and we also did some first lights and shadows. That was everything for the first day and we did quite a lot of work.

On the following day we started working quite motivated and increased the intensity of lights and shadows on the bust. With the passing time not just the power started to get less but the exhaustion increased. But the two coaches perfectly managed to push me further and further (but maybe it was also because I didn’t want to do the running laps the two threatened me with :D )

After a little while the information was more clear and clear and the burning ambition started to return. At this point I want to thank especially Raffa because he showed me in a very unusual way what it can mean to go “over the top” and show more courage when painting lights and shadows.
As a next step we did some color variations in the skin tone and some smaller details.

That was almost the end of two days and the brushes were put aside to have a final talk about the two days and to slowly start the trip back home...


I really enjoyed the coaching and I have learned a lot of Roman and Raffa. They are two open minded and talented coaches that can adapt to the individual needs and problems and find solutions on the fly. I also enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and you feel at home with friends from the start.

Thank you very much for the great and unforgettable days

The Ogre gang


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