Review: Private Coaching with Jens

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle Painters,

some time ago a bearded man from Switzerland travelled to Augsburg, Germany
to do a private coaching with Raffa and Roman at the Massive Voodoo HQ. The traveller was Jens, a miniature painter we meet for the first time at 2014's Jar's Beginners Class, were he actually really got interested in painting miniatures beside from gaming. Jens is a great guy and we knew that the following days of private coaching would be lots of fun.

Bene, Raffa, Jens, Roman ...

We had some talks with Jens first, then some mails to plan and prepare his two days of private coaching. Jens goal was to achieve to paint asiatic skin on a bust of a mongol warrior. We were truely happy that we mainly focused on the skin as we know from classes with Jens that he is not the fastest painter. No offence here, but sometimes we find ourselves as teachers in private coachings with a student's goal that is just too big to really focus and understand one thing only. Sometimes it is just good to spent your time on one specific topic to understand it properly.

This being said, we had some talks first with Jens as he arrived in our studio. Then we searched for inspiration and talked about it. Opened up thoughts to Jens that he was not making yet and revealed new approaches on a topic to him.

Painting started already with these ideas and inspiration in mind, but very gentle.

Jens went on and it was a true joy to see him approach his topic with bravery. To see how he understood our explanations and to see how the "magic" of our studio took hold of his painting ghosts. Calm, relaxed painting with progress never imagined.

While Roman explained his thoughts on skin to Jens via a small head he painted up ...

Raffa did the same via the face of Sherlock Holmes:

Both were really proud teachers seeing Jens' progress and understanding of skintones in these two days of coaching. When Jens did put the bust in his carry box it was obvious for us as teachers were this bust of Jens has and would lead him: A big step further.

We encouraged him to go straight into the bust's other materials when arriving home and as he took part in another one of Jar's Beginners Class two weeks after the coaching we were able to have a look again and help here and there if needed.

Jens also wrote  a review on the blog he is part of - DieVincis - and we will have his summary for you:

"If you wanna force you painting skill and getting deeper into a painting topic I can absolutely recommend this private coaching. You gonna get instructions of 2 really talented painters and teachers. I took profit out of two different painting styles Raffa is the physicist and Roman is the romantic. 

If you wanna do a private coaching in future make sure to concentrate on one topic or at most two, cause you wanna make sure to get deep into the topic you choose. Otherwise time will be to short and you just gonna scratch the surface .
Thx for your attention out there and I close with Roman`s words : Keep On Happy Painting!" 


If you want to read the full review - click here!

Jens, thank you for your thrust in our teaching and for the fun time we enjoyed together.
Good Memories!


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