BANANALICIOUS 2 - Entries / Sculpting

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,
today we start with showing you the first entries to our latest contest, the Bananalicious 2.
For sure we can not show you all 290 entries at once.

Please be aware of the procedure we follow for showing you the entries and be patient.
You can read everything here in the Newsflash.


Ok, let's start with entries from the most epic and massive online contest.
Please be aware that we can not show every photo you did sent to us. We show only one or maybe two and take the rest in credit for our judging work.

Today we start with the category of Sculpting.
Twentynine entries to show you - we hope enjoy the show and thanks to everyone who took part in our contest! The numbers written on top of the entries is not an order on how they placed. It is just for you and us to have a better overview:

Participant: Amelie
Title: Shoe

Participant: Anthony
Title: Senegalaise

Participant: Arsenij
Title: Unknown

Participant: Artem
Title: Dwarf Maiden

Participant: Bent
Title: Sedihm Trooper

Participant: Cédric
Title: Space Orc Bust

Participant: Fabio
Title:Cadian Seargent
Participant: Hamish
Title: Unknown

Participant: Jae Chi Lee
Title: Dark Elf War Painter

Participant: Jeremy
Title: Unknown

Participant: Joan Carlos
Title: Unknown
Participant: Johnny
Title: Unknown
several entries / judges will decide for one only to judge
Participant: Julien 1
Title: Unknown
Participant: Julien 2
Title: Some kind of monk from a different world
Participant: Kyle
Title: Chaos Dwarf
Participant: Leonard
Title: Unknown

Participant: Martin 1
Title: Little Zeus
Participant: Martin 2
Title: Female Gnome
Participant: Martin 3
Title: Mojo Jojo

Participant: Mate
Title: Unknown

Participant: Patxi
Title: Unknown

Participant: Pedro Pablo
Title: Jaguar Cadet Bust

Participant: Peter
Title: Unknown
Participant: Pino
Title: Unknown

Participant: Rhys
Title: Gecko/Mexican Walking Fish (axalotl)
Participant: Ricardo
Title: Unknown

Participant: Robert
Title: Gromm
Participant: Sebastian
Title: Unknown

Participant: William
Title: Yim Kei



H. M. (friendly Jungle Painter)

... to be continued!


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