MV's Tip of the week #06

by Massive Voodoo

Today's Tip is about color and how you should treat it.
Well some painters struggle to make color their friend. It doesn't work on your own brush the way it worked out in all those tutorial videos and articles. They feel color as an evil force that just will annoy them in many ways. They fight against it. Not flowing with it.

Well, color is often not the reason why you feel something went wrong on your project. It is your own experience and skill level. This is nothing bad as learning is the greatest thing our hobby and the joy of painting has to offer. So take your time! Important if you do so: Make color your partner, not your enemy. Feel it, touch it, grab it, throw it, do not eat it, paint with it with the use of your fingers and so on. It is nothing bad. It is your friend. Make your life more colourful. Use painting clothes that you only use for painting, let them become colorful by mistakes or non-accidents. Learn to feel that color is your partner ...

BUT ...
always take care of the every day rules of your family, house, partner, wife, husband, whatsoever. Do not go mad throwing colors all over the living room or the whole world around you will be your enemy, even colours are your friend now.

I hope you get the message in this week's tip!
Love color as it means soul, passion, learning, joy, adventure ...

Keep on happy painting!


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