Mu 70 - TinyTalesStudio, Interior & Wizard of Pumpkinland

by Massive Voodoo

Welcome to another Miniatures Unpacked of MV.
Today we will have a look on a company from Spain called TinyTalesStudio.

Let us see what we got here:
Their products arrive in small blisters and due good product photos you can already see their content.

Unpacking these blisters we find some cool and tiny fantasy interior for 28 mm miniatures.
Books, scrolls, crates, a bottle, skulls and book shelfes.

They are cast in resin and really lovely arranged.The quality of the resin is good, no mould lines that can not be removed easily and honestly we did not find many on them.

Well, let's have a look on the tiny goblin magician, called Wizard of Pumpkinland.
One of our favourite models from their range so far. He too arrives in a blister and with him you already recieve a small, plastic gaming base with floor plates.

The sculpt of this Goblin is simple and cool, but yet he reveals so much character and really works perfectly as a magician who can tell a funny story in a funny project. He could even be a hero of a goblin army in our eyes.

The interesting part starts now.
 If you combine just the four blisters we got here you could already build up a small diorama with the wizard. Very cool!

Have a look on Tiny Tales other cool products.
They offer miniatures and more interior for your basing joy. Have a look on their prices, honestly this is surprisingly cheap stuff. And cool stuff. A great combination.

You can also find Tiny Tales products at BigPandaV.

Hope you enjoyed this review - happy painting to you all!


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