BANANALICIOUS 2 - Final days to enter!

by Massive Voodoo

Yo Jungle Painters,

you might ask yourselves why the jungle of MV is a little quiet these days. It is because of all your entries to our actual running online contest, the BANANALICIOUS 2. Since last Friday there are many entries dropping in via mail per hour. Yes, per hour and your MV-Team is writing many mails to confirm them and sort the photos of your entries.

You still have time to enter the contest until the 22nd of April.
Remember you can still enter on this day.

Please be aware that your confirmation mail will maybe not directly arrive at yours in about minutes as we are also humans and have a life to live. You can be sure that they are answered as soon as possible.

Here is an overview of the entries so far:

129 overall ...
Fantasy Standard: 37
Fantasy Master: 18
Historical Standard: 10
Historical Master: 6
Diorama: 23
Sculpting: 12
Army Painting: 10
Special: Base: 12

Out of Competition: 1

Make ready for the final days and get your entries in!




H. M. (friendly Jungle Painter)

... to be continued!


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