Mu 69 - Tiny Leads, Dungeon Adventurers

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

time for another MU (Miniatures Unpacked).
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Today we want to take a look on a black box with the writing "Tiny Leads" on top:

Tiny Leads is a miniature producing company from Spain and what makes them so special is that they try to bring in some freshness into the endless void of new miniatures on this planet. They are doing this by doing humoristic and funny stuff rather than brutal warfare miniatures.

Check their facebook for news around their fresh stuff!

Let's open up that black box, shall we?
First thing after opening the box we find a sticker, a pin and some cards.

Let's have a look on those cards. Really cool and funny Artworks going on here. Showing us a true Fantasy dungeon crawler gang.

Also in the black box you find some busts of these models. If you turn those cards around you see the official paintjobs of these models to get inspired.

All the busts arrive in resin in a good quality and everyone arrives as one piece.

As said the characters are more humoristic in a cool comic style. The quality of the resin is fine and there is not much need to clean them. Cool busts for a quick start in to painting.

What a cool group, eh?
They remind us of good old times of Heroquest.

We hope to see many of those painted in future days!
If you enjoy Tiny Leads approach on their miniature range,
check their shop or their news via facebook!

Keep on happy painting!


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