Roman Signifer 1st Century A.D.

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle Painters,

another painted bust from my table and yet another Roman from Roman.
For me Ancient Rome is pure fascination still and I am reading some books again recently (this time about the time of Attila). Well, I had to paint another Roman soldier bust with all that inspiration in me.

I did choose to paint one from Young Miniatures: the Roman Signifer.

Being able to see this bust painted by many talented painters I really got more inspired to paint mine up. I decided to go for a colour study myself and wanted to create a very athmospheric piece, rather to paint him just in the colours of the material. For me that means I want to transport all the typical colours into a setting where they get influanced by their surroundings. But Roman, a bust has no sorroundings? Well, right. This comes from your imagination if you want to do such a colour work.
For example that means that already from the start I do not only choose brown for the fur, but already paint my athmospheric color whereever I need it. Here is an early WIP I found:

Another WIP I found in my folder, some steps later:

After a while I got more and more into the athmosphere of the piece, also the character of the guy was found and my colourful journey turned out to look like this in the end:

Roman Signifer 1st Century A.D.
Young Miniatures

This was really a joy to paint. I hope you like him?
Let me know what athmosphere you feel when you look at him?

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