MV's Tip of the week #02

by Massive Voodoo

This week's quick tip is about your tiny stuff:
If you need to select and pick out tiny stuff that your thick fingers never can grab use a toothpick for it or even better an old brush. Put some spit on the tip of your helping tool and choose your tiny part with ease. The spit helps to let it stick to your brush/toothpick.

If you want to glue something so delicate, place a drop of superglue somewhere, use the toothpick to pick a little up and place this tiny drop where you want to have it. Next use your old brush with spit, pick your tiny part and place it in a magic moment of perfection to the superglue spot.

No more going mad because of too tiny details in our miniature world and take care not to glue the toothpick to your tongue if you mix up tips.

Dave said via comment:
"Just be careful how much superglue and water / spit touch. They can chemically react and cause the area to turn white."

We recomment not mixing it ever,
so use one side of the toothbrush for superglue and the other for spit.

Keep on happy painting!


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