Work in Progress - Fishs best Friend!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me, for a long time i had no commissions on my table to be finished and no other stuff, so basically "a day off".

I used this free day to start a new project with the happy monk model.
A very nice mini, it just feels like it is painting itself...

This is a very early wip, but anyway :)

And then, yesterday evening, we even made a small spontanous painting night at my place, my girl and Peter joined and later even Roman decided to come over for some "standing" painting (there was no more place at the table so he decided to paint standing ...)

I'm really really sad that Peter will soon leave Augsburg, so everytime when it is possible i try to see him or make some painting session... :( :( :(

So, i hope i will have the time to continue with the monk project and you will soon get more photos :)



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