Hamburg Painting Class "Review Preview"

by Roman aka jar

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Slowly recovering from the painting class in Hamburg.

It was such a nice weekend with a lot of painting joy for everyone and I got so many things to tell soon, but first I am in the middle of unpacking my stuff and recharging some batteries. Before the big report drops in there are now only some little previews on what you might see in the big review beside miniature painting and colors.

A very special group photo of all the participants - this is just the prephoto were everyone was settling in to find his place and we still were waiting for some others on the photo - fasten your setbealts for the real thing going on - click to enlarge:

We have visited Sockelmacher's Workshop:

Weird stuff that happens at night when you let the apes loose in a Kung Fu School:

And the sky that welcomed us home yesterday ...

So far, soon with the big report :)


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