Brekk, the Unbreekable

by Roman aka jar

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Brekk, the Unbreekable.
Always hungry, always eating.
Always funny and naughty.
Always up for a good brawl, even a war.
And he stands tall, as he is the Unbreekable.

ForgedMonkey, 1/10

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This bust by was a real pleasure to paint.
Brekk really is a cool bust with a lot of character.

I started to paint my version during the Painting class in Hamburg and really was happy about that chosen model as it really has supported my own training of painting skills. It is somehow in the sculpt- let me explain.

While Painting I discovered that it is also a good training your-painting-skill figure - leather, metals, skin, clothing, all in different types and seizes, big areas to work with light and shadow, detailed areas to do the same, all good to reach and to make material studies. For me it was a real joy to paint him, but honestly he painted himself alone just because of all the fun the character brings.

Get yours at:

So far, I hope you like my version of Brekk :)
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: This model is for SALE!
Contact me via jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com
for a quote or check the Jungle's For Sale offers!

PPS: and some actual painting music:


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