Some new pictures of old stuff..

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys,

I was asked some weeks ago to write a small article about "The Rising" and how it developed. For this I needed some new pictures because my own we´re quite crappy. Raffa was so nice to help me out with this and his awesome-super-duper-camera did some very nice shots. I took the chance and he also took some new pictres of "Custodia Mortis". So special thank to Raffa, my favourite camera-owning guy (because he knows how to handle it) ;-)

So I just wanted to show you the pictures (old-timer somehow).

To write the article was very interesting as I had to think about the last year and how my painting skill have developed. Even now as I look at both pictures I remember the two weeks before the "Duke of Bavaria". It was quite a nice time :)

Those who read Massive Voodoo for a longer period of time know that these both projects were quite hard to finish and so they stick to my heart. Unfortunatly my start in Reutlingen will be more expensive than in thought, so I have to sell both of them.

If anybody is interested in buying "The Rising" or "Custodia Mortis", feel free to drop me a message:




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