Son of Ahab

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa and I hope all of you arrived well in 2012.
I think a good start into the new year is to show some finished miniatures again as I am still cleaning that damn workspace :D

This one is the Son of Ahab. 
The little fella will be availabe by an upcoming company from Italy, called phlegyasart.
Many thanks to Alessandro for the gift in Italy. There will be some cool and cute figures of Tales and Stories in their range. At the moment I am not allowed to tell more but in the future I will.

This model was painted pretty quick as a Christmas gift to my girlfriends brother who loves fishing.
It was done in about 2~3 days beside some more Christmas gifts and that is why there are many spots that don't look perfect in painting and for sure in the 2K water effect - I was a bit in a hurry :) - In the end I made a brother very, very happy about it and that is what counts for me - that is why I did it. Actually he is not painting miniatures at all and did not see something bad. Normally the Son of Ahab stands on top of a book, sadly I did not find the book again so I made him sail in a walnut. Did you recognize the Moby Dick puppet he caught?

Son of Ahab
phlegyasart, 28 mm

If you like to vote for the Son of Ahab 

It was fun to do this quick project and a pure joy to see the gift in the hands of the new owner.
There will be a little article about this project soon.
So far, I wish everyone a good start in 2012.

Happy Painting to you all!


PS: Check the Miniature for Sale area - there is a big winged update there!


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