Some finished Minis!

by Raffa

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the days go by and leave more and more work to do... packing parcels from Forged Monkey and making Dayglow Color and painting Commissions i'm not allowed to show.... i still got some finished minis to show :)

The first one is "Kholodnye Ruchki", it's a mini from the Sedition Wars range of Studio McVey .
I made a slight conversion with some Magicsculp to give her the russian styled hat and some fur parts and painted her as my personal Russian Sniper Hero.

Kholodnye Ruchki
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Next is a commission of Maelstrom Games for their Banelords Range.

Drast the Hunched, Hound of Dun Durn
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And another commission for the guys at Maelstrom Games.

Eirik Longaxe, Steersman of Hrafnen
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You can buy those two minis above at Maelstrom Games... i really enjoyed painting them, especially Eirik, sculpted by Sebastian Archer, was a real joy to paint :)

I hope you like the stuff!



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