Biker Daddy

by Roman aka jar

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Between black and white there are a thousands shades of grey and Robert aka muhani is still alive even some do not believe this news. Life and updating the article section with all the german translations from Mike  - that are rolling in like Tornados everyday - and maybe some more spanish ones soon, keeps him pretty busy, but there is one thing I talked him into showcasing in the jungle, it is called Biker Daddy.

Robert and I, we have a very deep friendship and I am very thankful of that. Sometimes I also make fun of him as he does on me. I sometimes make fun about his lazy and slow miniature stuff he does. Just like little boys picking eachothter with sticks, you know. After he did not find the time to show you what I show you now I have asked him if I could do so, just for you to see because I think it is really something great again from his side. It is my honor and joy to write these lines :)

Biker Daddy

I had a very serious call by Robert two weeks before Christmas.
He has a project on his table about doing a gift for his girlfriend's dad and only 2 weeks are left.
The dad loves motorcycling and so they chose to buy a motorcycle and make something very cool for him. Robert did sculpt the rider, the Biker Daddy and did arrange everything final for the gift with helping hands in only 2 week and I was speechless after kidding around so often.

Please enjoy and see for yourself on the photos:

I love it, Robert and I really miss all my austrian buddies, except for you, Robert
- I miss you deeply! :)

Hope you like it!
Don't pay credits to me for posting it
- if you like it tell it to Captain Roberto via comment!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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