Raven Guard Shadow Captain KORVYDAE

by Roman aka jar

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The world spins round and round, painting belongs to me like taking a breath, still with only one brush, still with good music, the whole world is moving and I am standing still, just painting :)

I have finished this Forgeworld Space Marine Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard, named Korvydae as a comission for a long time Space Marine Collector. He collects single models of every well known Space Marine Chapter and the Raven Guard were still missing - until now. It felt like I did paint my 2000th Space Marine Model, but it still was fun :)

For the work on the OSL I have worked with Forged Monkey's "Dayglow Colours", mostly Hazard yellow but I have mixed in a drop of Citadel's Hawk Tourquise, mixing the color I wanted to create. The dayglow colours have so much power that you can really experiment with them to make soft variations to it by mixing in a normal color - make sure the amount of the dayglow colour is still higher than the other one. I hope you like him.

Raven Guard 
Shadow Captain Korvydae
Forgeworld, 28 mm

If you like to vote for the Raven Guard -

So far - read you soon and
don't you stop happy painting even
your colors might do stupid things sometimes,
there is nothing in the world you can't rescue or repaint :)

More about OSL:

Painting Object Source Lightning (OSL)
A guide that introduces Light that comes from a source nearby the miniature.

Using Dayglow Pigments for your OSL
Raffa explains how to use really glowing pigment powder.


PS: Typing this Korvydadaerrere was not fun, everytime ;)


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