Painting Crusade IX

by Roman aka jar

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Brussels invites again to a wonderful Event and Competition for every Paintaholic in late February,
the Painting Crusade IX.

After Raffa, Oli and Ben been there last year I was told a lot of tales about the events wonderful mood and beauty. You can see photos  from last year's ambiant here on facebook.
This year again a MV SQUAD will attend, including Ben, Oli, Raffa and myself and maybe more.

There is again - like every year a special Figure, sculpted by Loki that you can only get when attending to the event. This time it is a hooded gangsta with several different heads to choose from. Very unique and very funny in my eyes.

So see you there I would say! Can't wait to February.
But first it is time to celebrate January - thanks to Reef for a wonderful calendar on my wall and this short video of the shooting for January:

There is now a little area on the right navigation bar that links up events with banners were
MV SQUADS will appear. Check it on the right.

Best Wishes and happy painting so far!


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