Just Music and some minor Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

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Prepare for some minor article updates, more translated articles, finished miniatures, finally my MSS Kong Fu, other things and way more to come in the jungle ...

But most important is good music to get it all done and these days it is often Hip Hop again.
Hip Hop means a lot to me beside all kind of music. For me in retrospective I got to say I have learned to grow from the lyrics. The lyrics in the following song which is called "Milk the Cow" have nothing in common with a message I want to implant in the jungle. I just want to pay my respect to some Idols that helped me to grow back in those days of classic Hip a hippi todahiippii Hop and you don't stop bang bang da boogie ... mmh ... stuff ... LL Cool J, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Gangstarr, Mobb Depp, DMX, Rakim, A Tribe called Quest and so much more ... classic.

Without it I'd be an empty man ...


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