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Again it is time to thank Mike for his outstanding help in the article section by translating articles into german. Massive thanks to Robert  aka muhani too for bringing in the updates. You can now check the article section for the updates and check for your country flag.

The latest big update was mainly for the Painting Section - here is a preview for you:

Using your hands as tools while painting
Peter explains some explorations about why hands are as important as a brush during painting.

Priming Thoughts
A view on the jungles priming methods.

What colours to use?
A small intrdoduction on the colours Roman uses.

Wet Palette
Keep your colours wet for a longer period of time by using a wet palette.

Black is the new Black
Raffa takes a close look on a lot of different blacks.

Starting thoughts while painting
A view into Roman's brain during the starting process of painting.

Basic Painting techniques Overview
All common techniques explained easy to understand.

Working with glazes
Glazes are very important when it comes to painting.

Blending Theory part 1
Yvonne's beginner article about the magic of blending.

Blending Theory part 2
Yvonne brings some addition into the theme of blending.

Painting True Metallic Metal
An introduction into the theme of painting with real metal colours.

Painting metal with Printer's Ink
Andrea shows a brilliant way on how you can achieve great metallics.

Painting Leather
A guide that brings you some deeper thoughts on how to paint leather.

Human Skin 1
Starting thoughts and a Step by Step on the approach of painting human skin.

Human Face 1
A guide that shows paintwork on a 28 mm male face.

Painting Eyes
Article that brings you thoughts and examples on how you can paint eyes.

Demonic Skin with dot grain
This article shows you how you can add a cool demonic effect to skin.

Orcish Skin
This guide gives you an example on how you can paint skin of greenskins.

Painting a simple freehand
A demonic based freehand done on a standard bearer in 28 mm.

Painting advanced freehand
A round shield provided with medusa's face.

Painting wood grain
Beginner Article on how you can start with painting wood grain.

Creating real lenticulars
Tired of painting glass? Do some real one instead. This guide shows you how.

Painting Object Source Lightning (OSL)
A guide that introduces Light that comes from a source nearby the miniature.

Using Dayglow Pigments for your OSL
Raffa explains how to use really glowing pigment powder.

Painting Blood and Splatter
Pure gore in here, always keep in mind that less is more.

Creating ugly strings
Want something really ugly to an ugly model? Read on.

Creating acid slime
A go on some slimy content.

Painting SciFi energy weapons
Article that shows you an approach on how to paint a energy axe.

Painting a real shadow appereance
A thought on how you can include a real shadow on your scene.

Basic Camouflage
Article about warfare camouflage and how you can paint it.

Using human hair
Doing some fur and a bow lash with your own hair.

Weathering Overview
An overview about Weathering, including theory and practical use.

Weathering a wall with hairspray
The use of hairspray during your weathering session can bring wonderful results.

Using real rust pigments
Guide that shows you how you can create your own rust pigments.

Working with liquid mask
Another cool effect can be achieved by using liquid mask.

Weathering with Salt and Hairspray
Article that shows you the use of salt and hairspray on different scaled models.

Working with Crackle Medium
An insight in the topic cracked surfaces.

Weathering Video Tutorial
Raffa explains different weathering techniques in a series of 4 videos.

Basic use of oil colours 1
... and what you got to know for an easy start with oil paint, by Roman.

Basic use of oil colours 2
Andrea explains his way of using oil colours! Pure Essence of Petroleum, baby!

Airbrush maintenance
Generalpoleaxe contributed this very useful article to the jungle.

Basic use of the Airbrush
Simple article on what you can achieve fast with your airbrush and some gaming models.

Using Masking Tape while Airbrushing
Ferrari Girl gets a new dress and makes a dad happy!

Soon more to come!


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