Preparing for departure...

by Peter aka Baphomet

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my last days in Augsburg and my heart is bleeding... after some months without a job I got a offering from a publishing company two weeks ago... a quite nice chance to do something different compared to my studies... of course I accepted the job, but for this I have to leave Augsburg and move to Reutlingen (about two hours by car). It feels like if I have to say farewell to all my friends and to a city I lived in for about seven years. I know this is some kind of bullshit in my head as I´m not really far away, but it makes my heart heavy-weight...

But there are also positive thoughts about moving away: so many new chances for my life and leaving behind all these crappy months without a job in which I was sometimes near to insanity. This keeps my mood up. So I´m very curious about the next few months... we´ll see how it goes ;)

As the job-offering came quite unexpected and I have to start the job next Wednesday, I was not able to find a proper room were I could stay for a while till I find a nice flat... so I have to stay in a youth-hostel for some days and then move to a guesthouse for three weeks... a not very pleasant but very expensive shortterm-solution... but I think this it how new chapters in life always start: you can´t prepare yourself for everything properly. So in these times you´ll learn a lot about yourself. How spontaneously are you really? How well can you solve problems without being prepared? How do you handle a new social environment? I´m really really curious!

As I´m only taking my colours and brushes with me to Reutlingen for the first month, I prepared some miniatures yesterday: Ckaarakk (Bane Legions) and the new version of Krell (GW). Ckaarakk will be part of a bigger project for the Duke of Bavaria this year (so I changed some parts), Krell will be for practicing some new ways...

Results of yesterday evening:

Of course I will not forget the second part of the Step by Step. I´m taking a lot of pictures as the Horseman slowly reaches the final stages. But it will take some time till I will be able to write the article because I need my big computer (which ill stay in Augsburg for the beginning) to prepare all the pictures. But here you got a collage of the current stage... last Monday Roman and Raffa stayed at my place for a painting evening and I painted the bust all night long... I´m quite satisfied with the results, but there is still a lot of detailwork to do :)

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