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I want to tell you a little story...

After I did recieve an email by Melanie in late 2011 about asking me of giving private Painting lessons I was truely shocked and paralized. I wrote back and asked: "Are you sure about what you are saying and do you mean this serious?" She was completly yes ...

Ok, let me explain further. 
Her boyfriend, Thorsten has visited one of my painting classes back in Wuppertal. As I was told he was painting much to learn and sometimes wished for another class he could visit. Melanie told me he dreamed about my long time announced "Advanced Class" that I am talking about for the last years due holding my "Beginner's Painting Class".

The time for the Advanced class comes closer as I myself have learned a lot from teaching the classes so far. Learned what I want to tell in my Advanced class and what I want to explain there to get a good connection to the first class, like building up a house with bricks. So far I can say there will be the first test run of my Advanced class next year with a top secret location so far and there are also plans for other special unique classes coming up in the future. The planning is not yet finished and it will all go step by step, you can read more for sure, when the time is ready.

Ok, back to Thorsten
Melanie did not tell him anything. It was planned to be his Birthday gift to have some 14 hours of Private Practice here at my place due a time in the year while my lady is on holiday. So we planned, organised, planned and organised, managed a fair price for both of us and arranged everything to have the "present" ready for his birthday. I designed a gift coupon that he will get on his birthday. Everything went well and yes - I saw on this photo that Thorsten was really happy and we had a call one day after the birthday where we planned further steps, which include some Skype Sessions of planning the concept of the class together and getting it all prepared. The Private Practice will be during Whitsun 2012 and I feel it will get MASSIVE.

At this point I just want to let you both know, Melanie and Thorsten, that I did not forget about you, but as I told Thorsten already on the telephone I am pretty busy until the Painting class in Hamburg is over. I'll be at you then and the preparation can start - I am really looking forward to it and you will read me soon :)

Information to others that might be interested in this sort of Brush Practice: there is no official announcement yet and I can't inform you about details at the moment. Also I won't be able to answer your emails properly about this topic. Before it gets official I want to have a test run with Thorsten first, before something like this personal close up practice will happen again. I would suggest that those interested in just keep it in the back of their minds. If you got Questions about this topic or just want to say "hi" or "Banana" you can hit the comments on this jungle posting.

I'll let you now about news :)

Happy Painting!
Best Wishes

PS: Melanie? It was my pleasure to plan everything with you and I was at least nervous like you during the days while the birthday reached.


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