Evening WiPs

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys,

just wanted to show you my latest Wip-stuff. The Horseman-Warrior will be finished soon, but as I will leave tomorrow to begin with my new job it will take some time till I´ll find the time to write the second part of the step-by-step. So here one of the last work-in-progress pictures...

Quick taken picture:

The other miniature is the new version of "Krell" ("Finecast" / GW). I thought it would be a funny and quick paintjob but unfortunatly the miniature is too overburden with tiny details. It´s really hard to find the right way to a good-looking paintjob. But as I´m painting the miniature for only two days, I will take my time with it... but to be honest, I really prefer bigger miniatures with less deatils ;)

So here a early Wip:


P.S.: "The Rising" and "Custodia Mortis" are still for sale!


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