Mu 92 - Franchise Draft, Football Players, 32 mm

by Massive Voodoo


Hello Jungle Painters, Football Fans and Blood Bowl Geeks,

time for another review on MV. This is review #91 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

Today we will look closer on a project called
"Franchise Draft". 

There is a Indigogo campaign 
running at the moment and as the idea was born in Augsburg, Germany (MV HQ base) we were asked by Stefan - head of the project - if we would like to review the models, sculpted in 3d by Rafael from RN Estudio, on MV.

Roman quickly was fascinated by the cool poses these 32 mm models have in their concept stage. Natural looking moves and a realistic - still comic looking - style that works really beautiful. He also offered his help in the campaign and offered an available perk of two fully painted teams by him.

As the project is still in funding process Roman recieved two master models, instead of a full team. Not the final models, but prototypes and wow! - That quality speaks volumes. The actual material right now is some special ceramic, final products will be cast in resin by RN Estudio, but now let's see for yourself:

Prototypes ready for unpacking.

32 mm ... I'll catch him. The white bubble below his feet is Pattafix/Bluetac to fix him to the table for this photo.

He looks fast, focused and dynamic and damn, protected by all that football equipment. 
Really nice pose.

Another pose, that other guy. Aiming to tackle the focused catcher over there.

This will hurt.

Really hurt.

The crowd wents silent, will he catch him?


Well, these two already scream for a diorama :D

KABOOM! He did not catch.

Allright, Roman somehow lost the goal on this MU,
while having fun with these two, just focused on the tackle.


+ great Football player poses in 32 mm
+ nice alternative to too strong styled Fantasy Football models
+ a more realistic look allows to paint your own favourite NFL Team
+ male and female team
+ If the quality of the final product will be close to the one of the prototype this is truely beautiful
+ Roman for the first time heard about LFL, which was confusing and fascinating at the same time.

- not all poses might match with all tastes out there, but that is something about taste. New ones will unlock with reached stretchgoals.

This could be something big for all Football Fans out there.
Check into the campaign and create your own impression on this. Roman now will paint these two up, but sadly not as a diorama or maybe he will? KABOOM!

Find Franchise Draft on facebook and help to develop:

Keep on happy painting!


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