The Ghosts of Mordheim

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

the new year arrived and we hope everyone had a smooth switch into the new year.
May health and good fortune be the powers behind 2017 for everyone.

Speaking about powers: Massive Voodoo starts slowly into 2017 as Roman just returned from his vacation time and is soon leaving his hometown again to go to Graz to visit friends.The upcoming days will be a little more calm, nonetheless behind the curtains there are already articles in preparation. Roman is also working hard to see the review of MV's Jar's Beginners class find birth on the blog soon. Stay tuned for it!

Roman will tell you soon too about the plans for Massive Voodoo in 2017, but first we start slow.

Also Roman still needs to catch up with 2016 to show you many painted figures by him. This will happen over the next weeks. Here is one. A model Roman started some years ago as a silly conversion.

Conversion work, primed and a glimpse on the base from back then:

The miniature was standing around for quite a while, but often being touched by a colorful brush. That brush could not do any decisions in what he was doing so the work on this figure took its while to find its end.

"Ghosts of Mordheim"
Games Workshop, 28 mm, Conversion

In private collection. Thank you for your trust in Roman's work, art and passion.

Keep on happy painting!


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