Review: Scale Model Handbook, Figure Modelling Vol. 18

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

Mr Black Publications asked us to review their latest issue of the Scale Model Handbook. As Peter is familiar with them (he reviewed them for Putty&Paint), he will do this here, too.

So, let´s get started:



Well, hello again! As some of you might know, I already did some reviews on the books of Mr Black Publication on the Putty&Paint-Blog. In the meantime I have build up quite a collection of those volumes and they are quite an interesting source of inspiration to me. Even if the projects in those books are mainly of historical origin, you can nevertheless learn so much of them. The Scale Model Handbooks cosist of detailed step-by-step articles, description of differet techniques and many good pictures of paintjobs or sculpts. They are worth a look and help to keep your painter´s mind busy.

There are two lines of Scale Model Handbooks: Figure Modelling and Diorama Modelling.

Let´s have a closer look at Figure Modelling Vol. 18:

There are eight articles in this volumes and the contributers are: Mike “The Kiwi” Butler, Roberto Ramirez Gutierrez, Stelios Neofytidis, Sergey Popovichenko, Toshihiro Sano and Qianwei Shi.

List of content:
  • Roman Gladiator “Thraex” - 90mm
  • Corporal Vicente Manzano, Dragoon Regiment “Pavia” Ontígola 1809 - 75mm
  • Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill 1874 - 1965 - 200mm
  • WWI Early War German Ace Oswald Boelcke - 54mm
  • First World War German Airmen - 54mm
  • Waffen SS AFV Crew 1944-45 No.1 - 50mm
  • Edward Corringham “Mick” Mannock, VC, DSO & Two Bars, MC & Bar (24th May 1887 - 26th July 1918) - 180mm
  • British Trench Raider - 75mm

I was especially interested in the first article. You guys know, that I´m very much into Roman gladiators and like Sergey´s way of painting. well, here we have both combined. I loved to read his thoughts on painting skin, fabric and metallics. You´ll find more pictures of the paintjob here: LINK

The next article covered a complete step by step on a unique sculped miniature on horse: Im not so fond of Napoleonic-time miniatures, but Roberto wrote about his painting-technique in which he uses acrylics and oils together. Some years back, I was trying to use oils, but failed badly. I was curious if I could get some new inspiration for this technique. The described steps seem pretty easy to reproduce and I will give it a try in the next months. 

Here some other impressions of the book: 

If you are interested in buying this volume, here is the way you get it: LINK

I hope, you enjoyed this review.



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