Ghosts of Winter

by Massive Voodoo

Winter is here.
At least in Augsburg, Germany.
It's cold, dark, freezing, snow and somehow beautiful.

In the end of 2016 Roman finished a little vignette of a tank he once started while explaining cool rust paint by modelmates, who sadly quit his production. This is how the tank by Heer 46 was left after the rust test.

About two years later Roman found the right moment to finish it up.
Winter inspired. 

Roman used his visualisation skills, especially the winter observations he did and with basing techniques like snow and icicles he created this little long forgotten frozen tank. Cold and warm colors playing around.

As you can see in the photo of the rusty tank the groundwork was just some random milliput, really flat. During the process on this base Roman decided to go all winter and sprayed it blueish tourquoise, placed some icicles, snow and did spray it again. Then painted snow white again with white paint. More snow, more icicles, spraying cold vibes into it again, repainting snow and repeating it all the way until it looked like - even while a flat base - like a base with several layers. There are some holes and puddles on the ground, but still it was a flat base, now detailed with snow structure.

Somehow Roman decided to have this all ice covered. He used an artist acrylic gel that dries clear and glossy - brand is a homebrand by german art store called "Boesner" - it is some kind of still water, you can say. This gel was placed in three layers - let everyone dry fully - to make the base flat again, but ice covered.

Looks like a painting on canvas and actually it is nothing else :)

It seems to be a very melancholic scene. 
A warmachine, once a proud weapon of destruction now abandoned in a frozen field, in total grasp of winter and nature. It seems it got shot by another tank and maybe taken out of action by it. Maybe there are frozen bodies inside. Beautiful, but cruel.

"Ghosts of Winter"
Heer 46

If you want to see more photos of this vignette, be sure to find them on Putty&Paint.
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This vignette is for sale.
If you are interested in making it yours, please check Roman's PDF cataloge.
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Keep on happy painting!

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