MV Classes with Roman in 2017

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

today we want to give you a new information about the upcoming classes with Roman in 2017. Additionally, we will tell you which already announced classes still have some open seats.
We also did a big update on the MV's Workshop and Seminar Roadmap 2017: Click!


Location: Hamburg
Class: Beginner
Date: 17th until 19th March
Available seats: 5

More information: HERE (German)

Location: Hamburg
Class: Advanced (Atmosphere)
Date: 24th until 26th March
Available seats: 5

More information: HERE (German)


Location: Blumberg-Achdorf
Class: Advanced (Atmosphere)
Date: 28th until 30th April
Available seats: 3

More information: HERE (German)


Location: Schöppenstedt
Class: Advanced (Atmosphere) or Beginner (still in decision)
Date: 26th until 28th May
Available seats: 16

More information: announcement will follow soon!


Location: Copenhagen
Class: Beginner
Date: 9th until 11th June
Available seats: 1

More information: HERE (Mail)


Location: Forchheim
Class: Speedpainting
Date: 15th July
Available seats: 17

More information: HERE (Mail)


Location: Arvika
Class: Basing
Date: 11th until 13th August
Available seats: 16

More information: HERE (Mail)


Location: Washington D.C.
Class: Various
Nova Open Seminars:

As you see there are plenty of interesting classes and seminars this year.
If you are interested in joining one of these classes, please write an email to Peter (baphomet[at]massivevoodoo[dot]com).

He will also help you if you would like to hold a class with Roman in your hometown.
Check this FAQ to get all important information!

Important note for the Advanced Classes (Atmosphere):  
Roman has decided which miniature will be painted during the seminar weekends of Blumberg-Achdorf and Hamburg, supported by Hasslefree we will go full barbarian:

Picture courtesy of Hasslefree-Miniatures:
This brute is perfect for the challenges you will face during the class when Roman teaches you the principles about atmosphere. But from great challenge comes greater achievement. As proof, some impressions of the results from the very first Advanced Class in Augsburg:

"The MV "Advanced Painting Class by Jar did its name justice: I feel that my skills to use colors as a means to create atmosphere have skyrocketed. Jar's carefully crafted exercises made me observe colors in nature and instrumentalize them in order to tell a story. Before the class I only applied color to surfaces, but now I am starting to learn how to bring the figures alive. The intimate class size allows for plenty of questions, and painting with fellow modelers manifolds the learning effects." 
- Diana

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Your MV-Team


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