Mu 91 - Artificer Terrain, Plinths

by Massive Voodoo

Hidiho Jungle Painters,

time for another fresh review on MV. 

This is review #91
- if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, 

Today Roman will take a closer look on material by the company "Artificer Terrain".

They can be reached via facebook.
They also have a website...but the best way to reach them is via e-mail: 
gert(at)artificer-terrain(dot)com or jurge(at)artificer-terrain(dot)com

 ... but now to the mysterious product:
It is a very uncommon plinth, 
something we did not see before, but really cool. 
More in the following review.

This is what Artificer Terrain says about its product:

"A simple soccle with lots of options. Perfect for displaying your figures or something else ...

This simple soccle originated from a personal need for a set of similar soccles.
It is fully customisable. Dimensions can be altered. The inscription/name can be made to your liking. We can frame it or remove the frame. We aim to provide a simple service for gamer, painters and hobbyists in general: Make what you need, affordable!"
The young company is located in the Netherlands and Belgium, two really friendly gentlemen and cool guys working with laser cuttings. They do offer personal inscribtions to the plinths, even difficult ones like mine here. Let's have a closer look on their product:

Artificer Terrain
Before we start you have to know that the company of Artificer Terrain is a really young company. They are just starting with their service and their products. Therefor my friend Gert delivered some examples of a really cool idea to me at the SMC. 

But first I was confused ...

Really confused. What is this?

Okay I do got lasercut pieces of very hard and sturdy MDF. One site is brown, the other white. We can see laser burns and I have four plates with text on it, that I asked to recieve for a future project of mine.

First let's bring everything in better order. Now I see. I got three "do-it-yourself-plinths" here. At least all pieces to build them.

I also recieved some testruns on the fonts that did not work out. Thank you!

Allright, now putting one together. One open square piece four sides, including one with the text and a topper. 

I did not know which glue to take, so I went for superglue, because superglue helps to solve all my problems in life. It worked wonders on the white surface and after some seconds the piece was almost build in full. Super precise, super easy.

Adding the topper and I am good. 
That was really easyeven for the superglue gorilla. It looks like this, it is not heavy as it is hollow on the inside.

I decided to put this plinth to a full test and started to build a base on top.

Not a small one.

It was really easy to smoothen the edges of the plastic card and the MDF with sandpaper. I now got a smooth transition there. Important: Wear your breathing mask.
And that's it.
A plinth to build yourself in seconds.
Now what is so special about this you might ask?

- Superfast and supereasy build due very precise laser work
- Options for different and personalized fonts and writings
- Not heavy, but still standing solid like a rock
- Hollow plinth body leaves many options for electricity or interesting base concepts
- Very easy to handle material. sanding, preparations, etc.  
- really sturdy, even it does not look like
- cheap

- You need glue and a little more time than by using a one piece plinth that you bought. 
- It does not have the same high end look, like a maximum polished plinth that you can buy for expensive money.

Well, this is really neat. Can't wait to work more with this fresh and innovating idea. 
Definatly worth a look!

Artifcer Terrain can be reached via facebook.
They also have a website...but the best way to reach them is via e-mail: 
gert(at)artificer-terrain(dot)com or jurge(at)artificer-terrain(dot)com
Keep on happy painting!


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