Review: Zombie Speedpainting Seminar in Augsburg

by Roman aka jar

Welcome to another workshop review from late 2018!
This time it was all about speedpainting.You know as fast as you can to be able to play with all these models you got at home, but to play with them painted.

The big question is:
Can you paint up a Zombie in 15 Minutes from start to finish and recieve a really cool result for the gaming table?


Yes, everybody can!
Yes you can, if you know how!

I want to thank my students
of this one day seminar for coming from far and close. New faces and well known faces. Always a pleasure. Thanks for the funny day and your trust in my teaching skills.

For a one day seminar this one is really a fast one. I dives right in. Right into a uncommon painting approach that teaches speed and quality within. Before you can paint a gaming figure in 15 Minutes you have to train three important stages ... that's what we did:

... combined with theory that helps to understand the "why" and "how" of this speedpainting technique. Lots to think about!

In the end everyone painted about 5-7 Zombies that day.

Thank you all for coming!
It was a true speedpainting fray and tons of happypainting!
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Keep on happy painting and see you next time!
Best Wishes


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