Review: Nova Open 2018 Seminars

by Roman aka jar

Nova Open Seminars
This title stands for quality in convention teaching with some of the best instructors around the globe.
I am happy to be a part of this event and teaching at the NOVA is just a fantastic experience. Great people, great students, great high-end teaching equipment and just tons of fun.

Some Impressions on the NOVA Open 2018 seminars ...
Photo Courtesy of NOVA OPEN

Seminars? Over there!

Shoshie Bauer teaching one of her hands on seminars ...

Alfonso Giraldes going into detail ...

Matt di Pietro gives insight into his way of painting ...

During the NOVA Open I was also teaching a small number of seminars:

 LightCraft Miniature Studios - Madeline Cockrell starting one of her seminars ...

Duncan Rhodes by Games Workshop with a close look o a student's figure ...

Vince Venturella ... teaching with eyes closed!

Sam Lenz - Winner of Best of Show at NOVA Open's Capital Palette 2018 - discusses painting philosophy with his students ...

Some more impressions ...

The Ghost Instructor ...

Let's bring this fella to the seminar rooms! Nauw!

My personal main focus on teaching at the NOVA OPEN 2018
was some days prior to the Convention, teaching my first two and a half days beginner seminar statewise. It really was a lot of fun and everybody just brought such a good vibe to it. Special thanks to Mitchell Carey for helping me with so many things that I am out of words to name them all.

You can see my full teaching curriculum here:

You can find a video on everybody's result here on my Instagram channel:

Stay tuned for more news on NOVA OPEN 2019 Seminars!


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