FM: Hasslespree!

by Roman aka jar

Continuing with some finished miniatures from last year.
Usually once a year I got a small "hasslespree" where I just have to paint some beautiful sculpts by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Seren a Delyth
This beautiful sculpt was painted for a local charity auction to help the Grandhotel Cosmopolis to continue its great work!

If you want to see more photos of this miniature:

I painted this Princess in blue as a lottery give away for 15k Instagram Followers
over on ... well, Instagram!

You can find more photos of her, here:

Lord Khargoul
This brutal demon knight was next. Painted in true metallic metal with a mixture of non metallic metal too was a really joyful mini to paint up. He is for sale if you are interested in supporting me and enjoying my work in your hands!

If you want to see more photos of this miniature:

Hope you like them!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.


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