Review: Private Coaching with Matt

by Roman aka jar

"What to say,
I really felt at home from the first minute at your studio and I definitely approached your coaching with an open mind and eager to learn as much as possible in such a short time.

I finally understand properly the colour wheel and colour theory, working with primaris, saturation, temperature etc. and those couple of exercises were so useful!! all those basics have unlocked a world of creativity and literally made me think of all my started and not-started-yet project and how to approach them, plan them, finished them etc. I think I finally grasp the missing bits that I needed to become a better painter and artist.

So for all this thank you so much!! 
I had a blast and best time painting Bill the Butcher and I’m so proud of him! Will finish those couple of items and expose him proud in my glass cabinet at home!

You are an extremely good teacher and painter and I really absorbed all the tips and knowledge you taught me. So again thank you! I wish I could come back and spend some happy time in your studio and share your company while painting!

You have such a great thing going on with the studio so I hope you can keep the motivation and keep growing massive voodoo.

Thanks for the chats and everything else, food, coffee, music, painting, I enjoyed every  second, truly.

Thanks again and we’ll be in touch!"

 Matt & Roman

Matt visited me for a private coaching
in the end of 2018 in the MV Studio. His main topic was getting insight in my way of #happypainting and an overall checkup with his skillset and improvement here and there! We had a really good time and we failed on doing some work in progress photos or else. We just painted and talked. I enjoyed every second of it too, Matt! Thank you!

Matt painted a really cool bust by BrokenToad in the two day coaching. During my teaching I started with theory and after a while of practical exercise and theory combined, Matt started to paint on this bust. The end results of the two day coaching speaks of itself. Matt is a truely talented painter on his own journey and he is seeking wisdom by taking on different workshops and seminars to improve his own style.

I am just very, very proud when I look at his result ...

Keep on happy painting!

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