Step by Step: A cherry blossom tree

by Roman aka jar

Morning MV Jungle!

... and welcome everybody to 2019!
May this year bless you with the joy of color and inner peace!

Soon we will present the winners of the MV Challenge 2019 to you, but before this happens I would like to start the year with a quick and free tutorial contrary to the snowfall we got this morning over here in bavaria:

How to create a cherry blossom tree in easy steps

During the private coaching with Johannes we both had the idea to finalize the beautiful base Johannes build with a tree. First we had to find a root that fits our needs and balance on the base via browsing a big box of roots and small branches.

Interested in how you can collect nice roots and branches for your hobby stock?
Check this link:

Or follow Raffa in this article on how he sculpted amazing roots:

Step: 1
After this Woodland Scenic flock was glued to the tree with the power of superglue.
The photo shows the result. Another result of it, were fingertips packed with superglue. There exists a wide variety of different colored flock, but in this case the color did not matter as the plan was to paint it, strong.

Step 2:

Priming this was not easy, but I tried to reach every part.
I dropped the colors I wanted on the tree just straight out of the bottles. A little yellow to pump up the power of the magenta and a touch of green to desaturate it a little bit and make it fit to the greenish base below it.

Step 3:

I took a big brush and mixed my colors on the tree. Had to add some more as the flock was sucking paint like no tomorrow. Pink and Magenta were mainly used to have this powerful color.

Step 4:
That took quite the moment and left a big mess on my workbench. Some parts even fell off the tree, but usually I do not care too much: Everything happens for a reason, right?

It was such a colorful, beautiful mess and I had to hang the tree somewhere over night to let it dry and drop color (I placed something on the ground to avoid a magenta pool).
On my Instagram account you can find a short video of it:

Step 5:
Next day. The first layer of color on the tree was dry and the flock was kinda rock solid now.
Time to drybrush and paint pure white on it for making these cherry blossoms bloom.

Step 6:
While Johannes was painting this amazing beautiful base I played some games with yellows on the cherry blossoms, airbrushed a glaze of green from below and painted the tree trunks brownish/green, but very desaturated.

Step 7:
Of course more time can be spent on this, but during the coaching it was important to see the overall idea behind that base and so the tree worked fine for this stage of work.

To improve this:
- add some white flock to the upper layer to give it more dimensions
- put more time in the tree trunk and branches color
- spent more time on the tree detail

Hope you enjoyed this quick walkthrough!
Happy Painting to you all!
Best Wishes,


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