Review: Private Coaching with Marcus

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,
still some reports from the last year will drop in the jungle.
Things just happened to fast or time was spent wisely not in front of the computer, but well just blalalalabla!

was visiting me for a two day private coaching.

Marcus' learning goals were quite precise:

  • Overall Improvement of painting quality
  • Technical support in color choices and application
  • learn to read and paint colors your eyes see, getting away from recipe color painting
  • painting Orc Skin
  • painting Human Skintone
  • painting metallics
  • painting the color "black" 
  • additional "painting orange, skin variations plus detail and leather with texture
Marcus & myself

We both meet in the MV studio for the lessons ...

After theory and some introducing exercises about color choices and the readability of colors we got several models to pick from as Marcus arrived prepared.

Photo Fial!

After the theory we started with one of our main topics: Learning to paint human skin, mainly without a recipe ...

We also prepared other base colors on the figure to see the overall progress, to understand it better and to see how important it is to let everything grow beside eachother.

We even encountered a yellow donkey!

Then we pushed for contrast ...

After more explanations and theory Marcus arrived at this result with this training miniature:

Of course we did not forget the Orc subject ...

We both enjoyed two nice days in the MV studio.
Good chats, funny moments and fine music supported the rise of Marcus' learning curve on his chosen topics. Marcus left with a big smile and more Kame-hame-Ha! Powers in #happypainting!
Can not wait for your future projects, Marcus!
Thank you for making me a proud teacher!


Do you want  your own private coaching and all your miniature painting questions answered?
Feel free to contact me via: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com, please be aware that I am already making appointments for 2019 and that I am not fast in answering my emails, but I will get back to you! Thank you for your patience!


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