Rules Update 1.0

by Roman aka jar

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After i did recieve several questions about the rules here comes the usual little rules update 1.0 - it will be all included in the english rules and the german rules, but please make sure to read the changes i have done here if you are intrested in taking part...

Rules Update:

Describtion Addition:
- Please get us right: Go deep inside your soul to make sure THIS will be the car you will be driving to show off in the nuclear deserts.Your own vision is the thing we wish for. The car has to look like what your person is like in the far future. Are you a deer hunter? A Traveller? A Collector? A Warrior? A Bandit? A Family Guy? A Warlord? A small simple guy? A scientiest? A Lady? A Punk? An spiritual travel monk? A dog catcher? Imagination is endless!!

 Rules Addition:
- If you use something warfarelike please make sure that it stays in a realistic way, just think on how you would prepare your own car in this future, there are no lasguns or plasmaguns, just rifles or a bazooka.
- Your basic car models should be "casual and realistic" cars and are not be based on something out of Tabletopgames like Warhammer 40.000. A normal car, made fantastic. You can use parts from everything else but the basic model has to be a normal car, which already exists in our time.

Scale Addtion:
- I've also added the Scale 1:48 to the Scale List. Please make sure you use exact those Scales, no others are excepted. It's about the car not miniatures... 

There is also a little update on the first Prize, the Renegade is ready for some paint. More photos included in the big announcment.


Please keep the questions around the contest here:

english language MAD MAX CAR Competition
german language MAD MAX CAR Competition


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