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by Roman aka jar

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Hello dear jungle readers,

we are proud to finally announce our Article/Tutorial Area 2.0.

What is different now?

Still there are tons of articles to inspire you, exactly 112 tutorials at the moment.

- We removed all banners that made the section slow due browsing, replaced them with text links and a little describtion.

- Also a brand new superb function awaits you that allows a more chilled scrolling through all the articles by using buttons at the start and the end of the tutorial. These buttons will navigate you to the previous or next article. Also you can switch back at the complete overview. By mouseover the buttons you can see the next articles in row. For example, click.

You won't see those buttons when an article appears on the main page but when you click the article main title to see only this article you will have the buttons appear like magic and you can hit them.

- You can still see country flags in the overview to those articles which are already available in other languages than english. We are still working on more to provide full global jungle inspiration covering.


Many thanks to those who did feed our brains with their input and their comments on the latest Jungle News on how to improve the handling of this article section, the pumping heart of Massive Voodoo.

Many thanks to everyone who helps us with the translation and already did offer their future help. At the moment I am really busy with moving but as soon as i am back to normal i will get back to you.

Many thanks to all the apes of the jungle who pump their brains into the tutorial section to provide a bigger load of massive ideas by increasing the amount of articles planted.

Many thanks to my friend Robert aka muhani for holding my hand while this massive change was made and his help.

Many thanks to Raffa for making the buttons.


We hope that this change makes the site much faster to provide some relaxed browsing through the depths of the jungle canopy. Let us know what you think and if we done the right thing. We always depend on your oppinion.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

PS: There are still some minor changes going on, but you won't be affected by those.


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