MV's "MAD MAX CAR Competition" 2011

by Roman aka jar

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Hiho fellow jungle reader,

do you know those weeks were you can't collect too much energy to put it in a miniature? Those days were you still grab your brush and bring some colour on a model that doesn't come from the heart? Need a break but still don't want to miss the hobby stuff while the day pass by? Here comes your chance - something completly different from the usual miniature related stuff, but with assured fun massive fun factor:

Imagine yourself in the far future.
The economics of nature died long time ago in the final hour of the planet. Earth's death is unavoidable, the heavens burnt after a nuclear disaster, it's just a matter of time until all will be gone. You were born in these days and everything you have is a car with power, riding down the deserts, 200 miles an hour singing YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Now my question is:

What would your own individual post-apocalyptic vehicle/car/motorcycle look like?

Go deep inside your soul to make sure the car you'll build and paint is THE Vehicle you will be driving to show off in the nuclear deserts.Your own vision is the thing we wish for.

Describtion Addition:
- Please get us right: Go deep inside your soul to make sure THIS will be the car you will be driving to show off in the nuclear deserts.Your own vision is the thing we wish for. The car has to look like what your person is like in the far future. Are you a deer hunter? A Traveller? A Collector? A Warrior? A Bandit? A Family Guy? A Warlord? A small simple guy? A scientiest? A Lady? A Punk? An spiritual travel monk? A dog catcher? Imagination is endless!!

If you really have no idea what i am talking about i would recommand taking a closer look on the great movies of MAD MAX:

This one is also a good introduction i guess! Here are some more links: MAD MAX, or some CALIFORNIA LOVE, some modern day Mad Max cars or just simply some more Mad Max!


Choose a car kit in Scale 1:24, 1:35, 1:48 which fits to your character and just give it your vision of your own MAD MAX car!! You can easily influance the mood of your car by choosing totally different kits, for example 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 :)

The car kits are not that expensive in these scales but with your conversion it will be something very unique and worth tons of horse power. For example this car costs about 14,16 € (~21 USD) in Scale 1:24. I will add some shop links now where you can get your car if you don't have a hobby store near your place:

Plastic Model Retailer

I won't do some more. I guess you can easily find what you are searching for in the depths of the internet. Also check out ebay, there you can be blessed by Fortuna.


What you got to do

- Build up your personal MAD MAX car or motorcycle and paint it.
- Scale 1:24  / 1:35 / 1:48, don't worry too much about the scales. Just stay close to the Scales we wish for.
- No Base needed, but can be done.
- Everyone can take part, except for myself. Anyone who takes part of the Ape Family is not allowed to show WIP photos.
- Do whatever you want to with your car, be crazy or calmed. Use whatever parts you like!
- Take photos of your finished converted and painted car and sent it to

jarhead ---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com

with the title "Mad Max - *your entry name* (you got to name it, as the name is very importment for judgement too) - Emails without this title or cars without a name won't be accepted for the contest. You have to do at last 3 different point of views of your car. Picture seizes are up to you, but should be in a normal web-use-scale. Please write your name and adress within the Email for easier Contest clean up later on.

- The final date for contest entries is April, the 18th 2011.

- No miniatures allowed, only a car, except for animals (for example a desert rat on your base).
- No warfare vehicles, like tanks, no super ultra weapon systems robots on top of your car, no additional brutaltiy by bringing some big guns, no damage, no pain, no hate, no anger, just fun and horsepower :) - you are allowed to use small arms weapons, for example a shotgun or a bow tied to your car. If you use something warfarelike please make sure that it stays in a realistic way - just think on how you would prepare your own car in this future, there are no lasguns or plasmaguns, just rifles or a bazooka.
- Your basic car models should be "casual and realistic" cars and shall not be based on something out of Tabletopgames like Warhammer 40.000. A normal car, made fantastic.You can use parts from everything else but the basic model has to be a normal car, which already exists in our time.

If you got some questions about the rules left, please ask them via comment, right here, right now!


The first prize will be my own build "RENEGADE", a 1:35 MAD MAX Humvey on a display base (Socket by, a real unique prize as it is the vehicle i want to travel with through these postapocalyptic deserts. It will be sent to the winner by me. I am working on it at the moment here is a little preview for you - i will keep this posting updated:


The second place will be a fat MASSIVE VOODOO Surpirse Box, which is filled with tons of crazy stuff for your hobby. At this place i want to say big thanks to for sending a Chrsitmas gift to the jungle headquarters, that helped fill the box even more. A small preview of the seize and the content you can find here:


The third place will be awarded with a surprise parcel by We say gratitude to our friend, the Sockelmacher :)


The judging panel is only me.
I collect your entries, will prepare a big gallery and those who catch my eye and hit right on the spot will be the winners. Simply, but effective and accurate in time. You got to trust me and in the end you can be angry about just one person if your cars horsepower was too low. I might need some days to fullfil this duty.


If you got any questions left please drop them via comment. I will keep you updated around the contest, prize updates and stuff all the time here in the jungle.

In Tribute to MAD MAX:
"His only weapon - 600 horses of fuel injected vengeance... MAD MAX the Maximum Force of the Future!"

C'mon! We hope to see your entry! Tell it to your friends and help us spread the word about these weird contest going on at MASSIVE VOODOO - if you want to help us here are some smaller banners that you can use for making some advertisment whereever you like, just click them to see their real size... thanks a bunch!


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