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by Roman aka jar

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I have no clue why comments like this appear in the jungle, today via comment, here and here on some older postings:

"stop the hype.
you dont surpass the professional painters in the professional fields whom are established..
its sickening and sad.
stop it, stop the monkey shit."

"keep wanking you fanboys"

For sure these 2 comments have been done anonymous without courage. Now why i post this in here? I feel not offended in any form and should not make this big and in the end it doesn't bother me at all, but I've learned to show some balls in the past and say what i think, not anonymous :)

So if we would give some weight to the content of these comments there would be the questions what is behind it? There seems to be someone having a hard time and a heavy heart by saying and meaning this. I can't tell. Doing my miniature painting as every day life since 4 years, trying to earn a living from it made me somehow professional. I have no clue if I, Roman or Massive Voodoo established something professional to the Hobby World the last couple of years. That always depends on the viewers oppinion. Some years ago such comments made me somehow sad, but i've learned from it and love to talk about my emotions. It is not sadness, it is pity that i feel for the person's mind. I am sometimes sorry that there are fanboys and fangirls of Massive Voodoo or the stuff that we do, because some think all our actual output depends on these fan-family. I am glad that we can help and make some of you happy, but i am tired and sick of such imputations that also offend those who like what we do in here.

So how to handle such comments in the future? For sure I will not delete them, i don't like censorship - there is no reason. I would wish this person or the group of persons to speak up loudly with a name and tell me where their problem is, hidden via email or with balls in hand via comment and not anonym. As long as this stays anonym i won't give much weight to it - i will answer and keep my corteous charm, my answers sound like this:
Hiho, sorry monkey shit will never stop... If you got a heavy heart please feel free to contact me via email.

You should do some painting instead of spamming nonsense here :)
I know it might be way to much text about this topic and i should not even care, but i care as such comments also offend those who like the jungle. If comments appear and will increase by their content or maybe get insulting i got to delete them or even think about legal steps and to make a report (if they get insulting).

So, my mind is free again - thanks to those who did read this.
What is your oppinion about it?

Best Regards

PS: There soon will be a massive Update to the Article Section!! Many thanks for those who did some input on how to make the place better for your use. We are on it!


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