Revolution of Paradise

by Roman aka jar

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This will be a bit Kong Fu and some talk about finished miniatures.
Revolution of Paradise? Happy Painting time means for me a stay in paradise moments. Paradise seems lost sometimes, so there is revolution needed. The movement in another appartment next to Raffa is for sure something that will build paradise up again. Really looking forward to that and i have no fear only discipline. I guess i found out what is wrong with me the last weeks - i am bored of painting these days somehow. Not that the flame in my heart is gone, i can still feel it burn, but at the moment i am thinking that i don't make any progress in what i am doing day in day out. I've lost the fun of doing it i guess. The feeling of being the mighty me while painting is gone for the moment. Different important things to do and plan. How can i save my spirit? How can i ever paint again?

Really, my answer to myself is: Fck it! Fck this feeling of having a painting hangover all the time.
I know a way on how i can change that. Doing all the things i got to do, those who are important and enjoy other things beside painting again. The spirit will rise like always. I know that. I am just corious about this long time period of my own brain slavery - so i will start painting again today, simply paint. Not thinking about someones oppinion in a forum, a rating on CMON, just me and my old friend the brush who has taken one step after another with me during the last years. This creative depression can not be gone over with just sitting around and telling myself how bad these days feel. That's not me. I am born a lion zodiac and there ain't much i am afraid of - i am not backing down on this one - paint and fck the rest of bad things that happen in my brain. I guess reasonable for this breakdown of mine was a move by a so called friend in the end of 2010. Reading bad things behind my back of what a so called friend of mine thinks of me made my heart really heavy, paralized me and it ain't gone yet. But guess what, that happens not very often, i hope once in a lifetime but hey, yeah, you know - fck it!

Just to bring something completly different to this posting i ask you if you want to see a god on the microphone? If yes click here! 

The Chick Challenge 2010 is also over and i have to give big probs for all these cool entries. Congratulations to Raffa who took a best of show by the jury and another gold. I did take a bronze in the public voting and am also really happy with i. Many thanks to the public. 

I did finish some minor projects lately. 
The first are 3 Forgeworld Greenskins as a comission for the gaming table. I really like those fellas because of their humor included and the sculpts by Forgeworld are a pleasure to work with most of the time. I hope you like these 3 models - thanks to Raffa for taking the photos with 3 daylamps and a professional camera.

Forgeworld, 28 mm

Another small fella is this Ape with Flamer by the CoolMiniornot Miniature Range. I so much loved his grin while painting and i have tried to use bright, strong and shiny colours instead of my usual desatured ones. I hope you like him!

Monkey with Flamer
CMON Miniatures, 28 mm

Also 2 comission pieces on a nice gaming standard are done for the german tabletop game called "Götterdämmerung". Both are sculpted by Mati aka Badsmile in 28 mm and have been a nice alternation to Space Marines and Elves:

The strongest man on Earth
Götterdämmerung, 28 mm

Mad Clown
Götterdämmerung, 28 mm

These are for sure not high end ultra class killer projects, but in the end i am happy with thre results compared to their claim. I am still painting on other projects, as i told you i got several in process and i try to make up my mind from the lack of spirit to finish some, but i will not put too much pressure on it. With pressure comes failure or simply a bad taste that i don't love while doing happy painting. Here is a little overview on the latest models i did spent some hours on. Some will be soon finished.

Yeah, just wanted to say this. Many thanks to those who put some time in showing me their thoughts about my "misery" via comments and email. Big gratitude! Identify yourselfs! Good bye and still on the same old track - keep on happy painting! Just smile :)

Best Regards

PS: Also my own gallery is up now in the horizontal navigation bar! Check it out! I did some minor updates, but wanted to keep it so chaotic as it fits to my person and shows the big variousity in between all the models i am showcasing there. This gallery shows some of my works from 2006~2010, not all of course this would have been way too much. There are about 80 models in that gallery. I could have added a couple of hundreds more but those are the ones i am most proud of, maybe... or i was just lazy, haha.

I will start a new gallery for 2011~2023 soon and bringing in everything i do...


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