Jungle News No07

by Roman aka jar

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2011... wow, time runs so fast...

A new year again, a year that will bring changes to myself - but more to this later on. I guess writing some jungle news again would be a good start into this new year. Information about mostly everything that hits my mind will be included. I hope you have a joyful read.

First, there will be the News around Massive Voodoo.
As most of you did see in the last months the Jungle family grew again with Matt Cexwish and Palak, two extraordinary people who are very welcome to contribute into the jungle whenever they want to. Also we got another change - Vhaidra left the jungle for private reasons - may she be blessed with good painting water.

The year 2010 was really cool in the jungle and i hope i speak to most of you when i say, the jungle really kept rocking further with more articles, more Work in Progress, more finished Miniatures, a Slayersword by Raffa, Painters meetings, Painting Classes, hints and tips, articles in different magazines and so on. We want to thank everyone who helped and supported us over the year 2010 to make all these things happen. So let's go...

In this place there got to be a little review on the funny contests we had in 2010:
It was all about "showing some balls" in early March 2010.
Some brave folks did participate in the "Show your booty!-Contest".
On Massive Voodoo's 1 year birthday we partied up with the big Workbench gallery!

Not to forget our small "Win a miniature" celebration once in a while when the blog hit another 100 subscribers. We hope we made some of you happy with all this and remember it is your support and participation that keeps such things rolling.

There is already the next competition in planning phase. Surprise to everyone will be its theme. It is about Mad Max and your imagination of the car you would be driving in a post-apocalyptic desert. Pimp your Fallout-Car! There will be more information soon, everyone is invited to take part, except me - Scale will be 1:35 ... you can win my "Renegade" which is already in build up progress, muahaha...


The last year pushed the article section to 113 articles and close to its limits. We think that we can't offer a very good navigation through this banner system anymore and are planning some changes. What do you think about that? Is the article section still enjoyable to use or do you strengthen our thought of pimping it up?

Many thanks to those who helped us with the translating work and many thanks to those who clicked at the support banner and did support us during the last year.


Big time review on the Duke of Bavaria Contest was the main thing in 2010 over on our youtube Channel and we are really looking forward to the next one. We know we are really slow when it comes to update this part of the jungle, but making videos takes a lot of time that we mostly don't have. So i was very happy as Raffa did start the main focus over on the channel by bringing up the first big and free videotutorial about weathering. Next step is still planned to have it in english language - you see we are a bunch of slow dirt bugs.


There is nothing new about it. Thanks to those who did buy there MVWear Outfit. We recieved this question lately by David and will work on it, maybe:


I was wondering if there's any chance of you opening a US version of your massivevoodoowear store on spreadshirt. For some reason, if you have a German spreadshirt store, it ships from Germany, but you can also open a US version, in which case products will be priced in dollars and ship from the US, which would save US customers a lot of money. I ask because I'd really like a massive voodoo t-shirt, but am unwilling to pay the expensive shipping from Germany, which adds more than 50% to the price.


Let us know what you think - are there more people intrested in this idea?


At the moment there are 3 classes coming up in the early months of 2011. German language so far only. Munich twice and one deluxe class deep in the Black Forests or close to it. I will add an area about actual classes to the blog in the next days after someone helped my brain with this great idea :)


Coming to an end during this part of the News i have to say Muchas Gracias to all our readers and supporters for their help in motivation, navigation and inspiration. We try to give it back as good as we can.


There is one blog i want to mention - it appeared suddenly in our blog list and is called "Pony Cock", don't ask me why. I love the blog for daily inspiration. Between Hip Hop Stuff, Basketball and Fun there are also sometimes photos showing naked persons there, mostly ladies and i hope that doesn't bother any of our readers.

Another blog who has to be mentioned is the one by BlackDagger. Great models and a pretty cool blog to read. Give it a try - highly recommanded! You will also find this one linked up our blog scroll.

The BIG Picture also got included, but i guess you might have seen that already :)


Music. Man, we did post so much music lately on the blog that it feels more like a music blog than a miniature related site. Whatever, Music is essential to mostly everything - so here comes a little musical addition to this posting:

Eric Clapton - I shot the Sheriff (thanks to Adrian)
Mike Oldfield - Muse
Battlefield 2142 Soundtrack
Battlefield Bad Company OST


Inspirational means something that inspires you. Lately i felt lost about inspiration somewhere in my own. I still do. So i only got one thing to show you which Raffa showed me yesterday - that's it about inspiration:

The Beard Master


"Time is a gift of gods, use it wisely" shall be my first word of wisdom for 2011 which i burn into my skin for myself. Too much time is spent completly lost with nothing in the end. That shall change as i go forth, finding my mojo again, collect my discipline and become one with my muse.

Thanks for reading - I hope you have enjoyed another issue of Jungle News!
Read you soon or maybe not - only the gods know :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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