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by Oli aka HonourGuard

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After I had a great stay at Raffas' house. With a big painting session, I have finished some miniatures and bases. Hope you like them.

I just watched the rating on CMON and saw that two have them have a rating from 6.4. This really make me a bit angry.. sitting around 1 hour for photos and get that voting ah.. I know I shouldn't give that much on the rating.. Sure the female warrior isn't a 8-9 but a 6.. ?

Overall.. I am happy with the results and especially happy with the bases, they didn't need that much time, but I like them. Also if I am the only one who thinks this ..^^

reworked Han Solo, I painted the base black for getting a better focus on the mini and base. And removed the wire, which looked like the end of a fixing pin.

I know it must be crazy to kill a butterfly.. but who knows what a goblin thinks :P

good night and feel free to comment and critic is also welcome


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