Find the Waterfilter!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

i finished another mini after a pretty long time... it's a pretty quick paintjob but it was a loooot of fun, the mini is Mei-Lin Mayfair from Statuesque Miniatures... a real cool sculpt!

I painted it as a birthday gift and a thanks for the best haircut i got in my life :D

At the moment in practicing painting blue so her suit had to be that color ;)
at the end (after painting the white lines) i noticed the similarity to the Fallout Vault Suits and i wanted to add a little fallout touch... with the 13 on her chest.

If i have had more time i would have added the yellow lines of the original Vault Suit.... maybe on the next project :)
I hope she will like it and it should give her some motivation to continue painting miniatures because she has some talent! i bet we will hear more from her in the future!



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