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by Roman aka jar

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... of inspiration i stumble over different things daily. The internet in all its greatness has so much to offer, but still no direction of inspiration found to myself. Combined the thought that i am used to take this jungle for real and share my thoughts here with the idea of sharing all my thoughts, even during my daily routine - here you go with some more inspirational links:

That's pretty damn cool i think, thanks to Big Benny for showing me this - now i ask myself what i have missed all my life while looking at my "bodyskills":

Check out more of this guy as he got a showreel of the last couple of years.

This will get a big inspirational posting when i look at my 2do list. So here we go with something else which might be intresting for those taking part in the "MV's Mad Max Car Competition":

Old Car City

Thomas David's blog is also worth looking. I love his sculpts.
Nimajneb Sculpture also wets my eyes.

Some music again - i even bought the complete Score. It does fit right into my mood and i am thankful to Chris (Bestienmeister) for showing me this over on his blog:

Completly in a weird order we are looking at a great chapel shot next. Indeed it isn't a happy photo as it shows the destruction which is still a part of Haiti after the tragedy one year ago, but that chapel is inspirational.

To free my mind i am playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 sometimes and i got to show you this video of my hero: Sgt. Enigma. Those who also play the game know why i think he is great. I am training hard but know that i will never reach this brilliance. Sorry to those who don't like shooter games at all.

Another inspirational photo of a car which could perfectly into our Mad Max Contest. From a series of shots done during the Rally of Dakar 2011. A true beast.

Idiots of the year 2010
Street illusions

Hope you like these inspirational stuff and i hope everyone is having fun building up his Mad Max dream car. Wrrrrrooooooooooommmmmm!!!

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