Mu12 - US Marine Rifleman, Pegaso Models, 90 mm

by Roman aka jar

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As some of you already know i am intrested in war. Sounds stupid. I am no warrior. Reading a lot of books to know around the happenings during different wars really caught my intrest but i guess it also drowns my mood somehow. I am completly into the Vietnam War the last months, with books, movies and even reports from my half-uncle who has been there as a pioneer (his mum is american, my grandpa has been a stallion with several marriages). Everytime i read or listen i pump these infos inside myself and close the door, but the room is too filled right now, there has to be something removed, breaking out, being unleashed...

Therefore i have chosen the Pegaso US Marine Rifleman Model in 90 mm as a personal project until the Duke of Bavaria. There is still much time left and will do some other projects before but making a Miniature Unpacked is always a good start, even when the workflow will come later on...

      Information around the model

PEGASO Models, Modern Era
U.S. Marine 1968
Scale: 90 mm
Sculpture: Andrea Jula
Official Painting: Diego Ruina
Material: White Metal

      Unpacking the model

The model arrives in a very pleasing hard cover box by Pegaso, quality starts with the packing and here you really get what you are paying for:

Opening the box brings you to a soft foam which has the treasure inside:

Taking a closer look on the insight brings you 20 parts. Here is a list of pieces, picture follows afterwards:

1x Main Body (1 Piece!!!)
2x different heads (black and white)
1x left arm
1x right arm
1x base
2x canteens
4x pieces of belt
1x helmet
4x bags
1x knife
1x  smoke grenade
1x M16 Rifle

2x sheets of paper (Information about historical background to the model in various languages)

     Closer Look at the model

Sharpen your eyes - there isn't much to complain about. Sure you got the casual cleaning process of white metal casts, but nothing serious. I would not recommand the model to early beginners as the detail bag stuff might be challenging while cleaning. The pieces of the model are easily to fit in place but i would recommand pinning them for maximum security.

As the sculpt is 90 mm it is really heavy. I fear a bit the weight of the complete build kit, but my arm is strong. Maybe the future will bring such great sculpts in grey resin. It would make them much easier to handle, just a thought.

You got the option of making the Rifleman white or black. This is provided by 2 different heads. It's up to you to choose. I might like the white at the moment, as i had serious problems in being satisfied with my results in painting black skin.

The base which is included in the kit fits him perfectly and also fits my personal wish to show him. After reading so many books i feel like this is the right choice, sure i was thinking about jungle or a vietnamese hootch but that doesn't feel right. For me it is best to keep him on these sandbags. I thought about it but can't provide a realistic jungle terrain in this Scale without building a football field seized base. Like i said the details on the sculpting work are enormous, check out his boots:

So far - i hope you like this Mu - i am on the road for cleaning maybe or reaching some other goals ;)

Best Regards

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