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Jungle Fu?
Yeah i mean everything posted in here is somebodys personal Fu. The blog now reached 1008 postings of Miniature related Fu and other weirdo stuff to provide your daily dose of inspiration. I have no idea why we slept during the 1000 mark, but that is the way of the sleepy ape gang down there in the foggy mountains :) - i can't believe that there are 1000 postings of sometimes truely brain farts and still the subscribers go higher - you are kidding me, don't you? I don't think this is important News and will quit it now, no 2000 announcement someday, let's get serious:

Kong Fu?
It's my discipline or the non existing of it that i hate somedays. Many big changes await me in this new year and i want to get back to some discipline on myself on many subjects.

I can easily imagine the following picture with me included. I would be the doggy that already has eaten the cat. Sometimes my discipline is very low. I am more and more realizing that i won't paint miniatures for the rest of my life as daily work. It somehow makes me stuck, there is no personal character experience upgrade included. I am just sitting here, day by day, trying to get some discipline for painting. I have tons of it during the first hours of a project but then they vanish and vapourize. To me it seems that i've lost most of my discipline to finish a project. Why i don't know? Maybe i am bored after painting so much? Lazy? Tired? Old? I am searching for something that keeps my brain together, something besides miniatures all my life. What would that be? I am on it.

I got a new miniature to my personal collection. It is a Pegaso Maya Warrior in 75 mm painted by
Pavel Tomášek. I am really happy about having this treasure in my collection and i start to love the idea of a bigger personal collection. Many thanks again to Pavel for his great service. I made some photos of it while it stands in my cabinet between the rest of the collection i am very proud of. My heart loves this place in my cabinet big time for sure:

Mmh. My Kong Fu was better in the past. Ok, i am drinking coffee and listening to old cramophone music like "Waiting for a bus", without even being the owner of a gramophone. The internet makes it happen, i am so glad i got mine :) - If i ask myself what is the most important thing to me, it is not Miniature Painting for me anymore - it is about love i guess, love that i might have lost, love that i can still feel, love that i am out for search and keep. Discipline, doesn't fit here well, but i always have to think about this word and how i used to treat its meanings. Weird Kong Fu, i know and don't care, i can start a million projects like the following these days but i need to find some satisfaction in bringing something to an end - can you tell me which Space Marine Chapter this will be? A Space Marine bust made from the Inquisitor Artemis model in 54 mm... somehow i know that i am tired of Space Marines, but i had to build this no matter what - don't know when it will be painted as i don't know the order yet - maybe you can help here and tell me what order he shall be. I know he is a Deathwatch Marine, but i paint him like i want to, no matter the Inquisition Mark on his shoulder pack - ha! I could do a grey knight - that is what i will do... yeah, demon hunter and destroyer of the chaos itself, a clean proud angel that keeps the balance in the universe... no matter what, here is the bust of an upcoming grey knight...

"Kong Fu? Kong Fu?" bouncing up and down my brain. Did i forget anything because of my lack of discipline? Who knows? I am going to ask the old gramophone and it tells me that the "RENEGADE" will soon be renegading through the jungle...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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